Beth Moran

Writer, speaker, free range chick

Out of the Doldrums

Writing my current book has taken the longest time and been the toughest so far.

I thought that this writing business would get easier the more I did it. So this has left me at times anxious, doubting myself, doubting the story most of all.

I`ve dragged myself through the mid-book doldrums, fretting that the book would never get finished, and thinking at times like that was probably a good thing.

Feeling the lure of new ideas waiting in my notebook. Wrestling the temptation to abandon ship, and start again with those sparkling stories not yet begun, still shiny and new and perfect in my imagination.

But then, this week, something happened.

I felt a breeze in the air, sniffed land ahead. The plots I`ve been working on, the conclusions I`ve been plodding towards finally appeared on the horizon. I realised that things are going to come together as I hoped for these characters I`ve got to know so well. We`ve been heading in the right direction after all. A story is taking shape…