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One woman`s saute pan is another`s shoes

One woman`s saute pan is another`s shoes

I indulged in a bit of retail therapy this week. Saw a bargain in the sale and couldn`t resist. It looked gorgeous, felt perfect, was exactly what I needed.

Yes, I bought myself a pan.

A saute pan. Which I`d never come across before, but is sort of a cross between a frying pan and a saucepan, like this one:

I love this pan. I`m planning meals around the pan for the foreseeable future.

Traditionally, as a woman, I`m supposed to love buying shoes. I HATE buying shoes. I think it stems from my twenties, when for some reason I decided one pair should be enough to wear every single day. I`d spend hours, days, weeks… trawling round shops trying to a universal style shoe I could wear with jeans, dresses, work wear, everything. I`d wear out my current pair of shoes just trying to find a new one. I blame this bizarre and impossible notion on having lived in Dr. Martens boots at what must have been a crucial shoe-shopping development phase.

I`d much rather spend an afternoon wandering round cooking shops, or DIY shops – or, my very favourite, camping shops – instead of trying on shoes and clothes.

I love the measuring spoons my husband gave me for Christmas far more than I would diamonds or perfume.

One birthday, someone I was volunteering with asked about my present. ‘I got a pasta maker!’ I replied.
They looked at me, trying to suss out an appropriate reply. ‘And was that… a good thing?’

‘It`s a genuine Italian pasta maker, FROM ITALY! It`s the BEST thing!’

Yes, I`m a strong, capable, 21st century working woman who also loves being stuck in the kitchen with her saute pan and measuring spoons.

My current saute pan crush is good timing. I`m crafting a new story, saying ‘how do you do?’ to a few characters, and it`s good to be reminded of the mind-boggling, wondrous variety that can, and should, exist even within a small group of friends.

So, a little time needs to be taken to get to know these women, and men, now making themselves comfy in my imagination. We`ll go on a few walks together, share some mugs of tea, stare out the window at the spring flowers. I`ll be asking a few, ahem, personal questions… No assumptions will be made, and there`s sure to be some surprises along the way.

I`ll let you know how we get on.

So, what would you choose?
Saute pan or shoes?
Pasta maker or perfume?

I`d love to hear from you!