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A WOW moment with a portaloo...

Last Autumn, I had what can only be described as a wow moment with a portaloo. I`d made a deliberate note to go easy on the cups of tea at the conference I was speaking at, having been warned that the usual facilities weren`t available. But, as I walked passed the temporary arrangements, for the first time ever a loo made me do a double take. “I can`t believe what you`ve done to these toilets!” I told the organiser.

“Oh no”, she said. “They come like this.”

And by like this, she meant with flowers, handcream, a carpet in the sink area. Deodorant. A basket of other nice things I can`t remember because I was too busy blinking in amazement.

This portaloo was better than most ordinary, permanent, plumbed in loos.

One person commented that the only place they`d seen a toilet like that was in Buckingham Palace.

Here`s the thing: sometimes in life you end up in a position that, were you a bathroom, might seem akin to a portaloo. Most of us have had a rubbish, unpleasant job at some point. Been left the person in the team with the worst role. Felt at the bottom of the pile. Find ourselves the one left to clear up all the mess.
But in those times when we have to be the human equivalent of the lowliest of loos, instead of feeling rubbish about it, moaning or getting upset and demoralised, can we decide: “Ok, this is what I am right now, so why not be the best portaloo I can be?”

Why not go the extra mile, above and beyond, defy expectations, chuck in some WOW factor?