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Why I`m not saving the best `til last...

When my mum was growing up, her little house had “The Room”. A room so superior it only needed one name, like a mega-star. Or like those people who are worthy of being called “The Man”.

Full of the best furniture and the nicest ornaments. Saved for the most important visitors. The first time Mum was allowed in The Room without her parents (apart from cleaning it on Saturdays) was when she started courting.

Over time, The Room did evolve into a dining room, and became the place my brothers and I played when we visited on Sunday afternoons (never realising what a privilege that was).

But what a shame that for decades, the best room in the house sat mostly empty.

As I contemplate a “significant” birthday next year, and time seems to rush past ever faster, I`m realising that there are plenty of things I might save for special occasions, only to find that they`re out of date, outdated, or –let`s be honest here- don`t fit me anymore.

Why do we keep our most gorgeous dress, or the suit that makes us look like a Hollywood heartthrob, in the back of the wardrobe, to be worn the least?

Do I have to wait for Christmas day to cook the kind of spectacular meal that takes three days to digest? And does the meal have to be spectacular to serve it on the best china?

Do we need a birthday to splash out on a gift for someone we love, or to celebrate them?

Here`s what I`ve decided:

Life is too short to wait for excuses to enjoy our most precious, beautiful things.

Special occasions don`t come around often enough. We get busy, tired, bogged down in the mundane.

Are there benefits to being more intentional about this? To not only finding plenty of reasons to celebrate this incredible life we`ve been given, and the people in it, but to ditch the need for a reason, and sometimes (often?) celebrating anyway?

So, rather than saving the best for occasions like my Big Birthday next year, I`m digging out and dusting off the best stuff now: donning my snazziest heels, popping open that champagne, lighting a fancy candle or two.

I`m choosing to turn what might be just another day into something special.

And hopefully make a few great memories along the way.

And if some of those memories include my family rolling their eyes at finding me cleaning the house in my wedding dress again, I make no apology for it. It`s my favourite dress, and I`m celebrating the fact it`s one outfit I can still fit into.

How about you?

What are the ways that you make an ordinary day special?

How do you create memories in the mundane?

Am I the only person who still sometimes tries on their wedding dress after 16 years??

I`d love to hear from you!

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